Designers of quäntchen + glück gave a talk in London at Brand Design Conference 2018.


We are a small German agency who like to work in interdisciplinary teams and use design thinking methods to make our customers happy. Recently, we reinvented our branding and we are proud to tell our rebranding story at the Brand Design Conference 2018 in London.

Who we are

Since 2010, quäntchen + glück has supported national and international companies in solving the problems the digital revolution gives them. Sorry, we don’t say challenge any more. We prefer the honest approach: It’s called problems. We are people who can design, text, code, strategize, calculate, innovate, craft – and talk! But we cannot tackle every problem with the same crew.

We scrutinize our concepts and prototypes in strategic sparrings with externals. Our designers are currently forming a hands-on meetup for design reviews and design criticism. We have been Barcamp enthusiasts for years, and as founding members of the local non-profit Digitale Darmstadt we believe in sharing knowledge for improving digital literacy throughout our society.

Why we were in London: Big Bäng

For the past year and a half, we have worked to reinvent our branding. Our agency had evolved over the years and our course had changed. We had taken the leap towards bigger projects, higher quality and a new focus on digital transformation – and our branding didn’t reflect that. So we started from scratch and redesigned our entire communication. Everything turned to nothing and changed its shape to something new: a Big Bäng.

We gave a talk at the Brand Design Conference 2018 during the London Design Festival 2018, talking about our brand reinvention process and some of the most valuable methods we used.

Find out more about our rebranding process here (German only)

Download our presentation

Liked our talk? Find the PDF here!


Meet us at BDC 2018

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Ihre Ansprechpartnerin

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If there’s a problem, turn it into a party!

This phrase was coined by Philipp Hormel, one of quäntchen + glück’s agency partners. He did encounter a problem: user testing was hard to do. Organization and preparation cost time and money, and it was especially difficult to find test persons. So he turned the problem into a party: In 2013, he held the first Usability Testessen. In a manner resembling speed dating, users tested products one after the other using the thinking-aloud method. The events are free to attend with complimentary pizza and beer, and because a lot of people had the same problem organizing user tests, the event became a success.

Today, the Testessen is held in more than 20 cities. With Vienna and Tel Aviv included, it has become an international movement. What we want to do next: establish the Usability Testessen London!

Contact us and join the movement.

Let’s turn problems into parties together!

The Testessen is only one of many formats we have established. Apart from design, another area of expertise is our start-up culture or „New Work“, as we call it in Germany. For us, it is „new“ since 2010 – we have questioned and iterated our culture and the way we work since the founding of quäntchen + glück. After almost ten years of trying and testing a plethora of unconventional methods, we have gathered a toolkit of more than 32 formats and methods. They improve our collaboration, feedback culture, interdisciplinary exchange, professional training and user centrism. And we have gained the understanding that not everything that works for us can work everywhere. Read up on our practical approach in our blog or contact us for more input on our approach!

We even turned our 32 formats into a top trump game! As of now, it is all German only though …

Four days without meetings. Every week.

We are not available on Mondays to work even more efficiently Tuesday through Friday. We call it: Doneday.

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Better projects through external sparrings.

We break out of our „closed agency system“ and get external input through sparrings. External perspectives make our projects better.

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Get in touch

Curious? In for a ride of discovery through your company culture – or even want to hack it? Or are you a UX advocate interested in bringing the Usability Testessen to your city? Either way, we are happy to help!

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We are hiring

We are always looking for interns. Close to Frankfurt Airport, Darmstadt is only a plane ride away. Bring some diversity into our agency and make quäntchen + glück better.

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Maike Steiger +49 (0) 6151 850 798 12


Der Sommerkurs unseres Facilitation Trainingsprogramms startet in wenigen Wochen. Wir helfen dabei, Remote Meetings kreativer, effizienter und spaßiger zu gestalten. Weil es dafür mehr braucht, als „nur” gute Moderation, nennen wir es „Facilitation” [fuh·si·luh·tei·shn] und schauen uns in zehn Wochen und vier Modulen die gesamte Bandbreite von der Planung bis zur Nachbereitung an. Bock auf gute Meetings? Einfach unverbindlich unser Formular ausfüllen und mehr Informationen erhalten!